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Ebtide Equipment & Machinery Finance

The specific work-related tools of your trade need not be beyond the realm of ownership - Australian Finance Solutions can assist you in securing the equipment or machinery your business needs to take the next step. At Australian Finance Solutions, we try to understand your specific business needs in order to ensure you receive the finance package that best suits you.

With your intrinsic knowledge of your chosen industry and our experience with financial requirements, together we can provide you with options that take into account technological obsolescence, taxation implications as well as budgetary and cash flow issues.

Talk to our professional team today about loan options to deliver the equipment or machinery you need to open the door to endless business possibilities.


Hire Purchase
A hire purchase is a widely used financal arrangement that can be used to pay for goods over a predetermined period of time – usually one to five years – rather than paying the full cost upfront, with ownership retained by the lender until the hire purchase term is complete and your final repayment is made. At the end of the hire purchase term the title of the goods automatically passes to your business. Repayments on a hire purchase are often quite flexible and can be specifically tailored to your business needs, which is ideal if your business necessarily operates on irregular cash flow due to seasonal sales cycles or programs.

Chattel Mortgage
A chattel mortgage is similar in scope to a residential mortgage, the main difference being that the finance provided is used to purchase vehicles or equipment rather than property. With this arrangement, complete ownership of the goods passes to you at purchase; however, the title to goods remains with your finance provider until the mortgage is fully repaid. There may also be additional tax benefits, including standard depreciation and cost of interest. A chattel mortgage is usually a fixed interest loan with a one to five year loan term, and is almost certainly secured by the vehicle or equipment you are purchasing. Similar to a hire purchase agreement, you may choose to make a lump sum payment at the end of the loan term, reducing your ongoing repayment amount.

Leasing Finance
Under a leasing finance agreement, a leasing company takes full ownership of vehicles and equipment and then leases them to your business for an agreed repayment amount and loan term, usually a two to five year period. Leasing finance is most effective when you need vehicles or equipment that have longer than average working lifespans. As a leasing finance agreement is based on a fixed rate/fixed term contract, you have the added benefit of effectively planning your finances over the leasing finance period. In addition, lease payments are usually tax deductible and you should be able to claim the GST proportion of your payments for tax purposes.