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Ebtide FinanceRefinancing your loan presents a range of benefits for you to consider; firstly it may provide you with access to lower interest rates, more suitable terms and conditions and also can provide access to the equity you've built up in your property to renovate, to purchase an investment property or to consolidate debt. Whatever your current situation may be, whether you're on a fixed or standard variable rate mortgage, perhaps you are listed on the title alone or with a partner, you may be self-employed or your employment or life circumstances have changed since you initially financed your property, refinancing can unlock the equity in your home and help you to take a step up the financial ladder.

A significant number of homeowners and investors choose to refinance when their living circumstances, possibly to stop losing ground against rising interest rates, while others have experienced changes to their employment status or relationships at home. Perhaps you're combining your finances with someone, perhaps you're going it alone for the first time. Some people decide to refinance their mortgage for debt consolidation, sometimes to pay off high-interest debt including credit cards, store card debt or personal loans by taking advantage of lower refinancing interest rates. Then again, you may simply wish to refinance in order to gain access to a loan product that better suits your current lifestyle.

If you are looking to refinance an existing loan, or want to consolidate debt and take the pressure off your finances, Australian Finance Solutions is the perfect choice for you.

We believe every person should have the opportunity to refinance even if experiencing difficulties with past credit issues (such as a bad credit rating). What makes us different is our ability to help people refinance who the banks have turned back. If you’re tired of mistakes in your past constantly haunting you when you apply for a loan, then talk to us – we understand circumstances do change and that you may now be eligible to refinance your home loan.

By refinancing your outstanding loans and other debts into one simple repayment you can save thousands of dollars. Some advantages of refinancing a loan include:

  • Lower monthly repayments or interest saving through change to frequency of repayments.
  • Refinancing often allows you to lock in a lower interest rate.
  • Equity can be used to finalise multiple debts at a competitive interest rate.
  • Reduces risk – changing from a variable rate to a fixed rate provides greater security.
  • Access to equity for major expenses.

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