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Congratulations on your new job!

This can be a challenging time in all the right ways.

The challenge can be stimulating and exciting and lead to personal and professional advancement and fulfillment. It's only natural one of your first thoughts should be fulfilling the australian dream- owning your own home.

Now you have secured your first job don't let this new found financial freedom slide by

Think about getting into the property market.

Earning a regular income for the first time can be great - and everyone deserves a few indulgences - but don't get side tracked too far if your goal is to be a first home owner. It's time to start thinking about your financial future, and to either buy your first home or build your first home could be the key to creating wealth for life.

We have a range of first home buyer loan options from fixed to variable interest, split loans, and lo doc loans for first home loan applicants who are self-employed.

Our Consultants are also able to advise on applying for and receiving the First Home Owners Grant.

These grants are not simply handed out and there are a number of factors you need to be aware of to ensure you qualify for your grant.

Our consultants deal with of all aspects of the First Home Owners Grant Scheme and are more than happy to assist you in gaining grant approval.

Even if you're still living at home, you can start with an investment property - to buy a small flat is often a good, affordable first step into a high-priced market, and will usually come with loan repayments that you can manage on a first income.

Whatever you choose, we can help you work through the different types of home loans, and to establish the best financial solution for you, simply and efficiently.

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  • Buy an investment property
  • Buy your first home
  • Build your first home